Why Me Too Matters In International Schools

Whether it be #metoo, #97percent, or even Sexual Assault Awareness Month, discussions about the female experience with assault and harassment ...
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Will Diversity In School Governance Support The Recruitment and Retention of Black Teachers?

DIVERSITY WITHOUT INCLUSION IS HOPELESS You can have diversity without inclusion, but if you're inclusive there is diversity. Let’s stop ...
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The Importance Of Following Your Vision

Teaching is what the women do in my family. As a child I decided I wanted to be different but ...
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To Love Oneself Is The Beginning Of A Lifelong Romance

The menopause is a rite of passage that happens to every women yet it is a taboo subject! My grandmother ...
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This How We Look When We Lead

When I made my decision to leave headship and become an Independent Consultant, I worked with Marianne Hartley, on how ...
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Be You

I became an inner city teacher because I had dreams of making a difference. I wanted to be the teacher ...
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